Armando Tena

Date of Award


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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Cheryl Poche

Second Advisor

Dr. Christopher Kornakos

Third Advisor

Dr. Malcolm Robertson

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Since the Chicano culture is the synthesis of the Mexican and Anglo/Saxon cultures that meet in the American society, social and behavioral scientists have developed the idea of how the concept of culture conflict can be utilized in the psychological assessment and treatment of Chicano clients.

The authors reviewed in this work have expounded on the concept of Culture Conflict to develop a psychocultural mode for the Chicano population. This clinical strategy is based on the premise that the Chicano individual, because of his life experiences in this society, will find himself in situations where his cultural identity is not clear or is ignored, thus placing the individual in a state of sociological marginality or anomie. This state will, according to social scientists, leave the individual vulnerable to psychological dysfunctions which many times are manifested by "abnormal" behaviors.