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Master of Arts


Medieval Studies

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Dr. Otto Gründler

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Dr. Guntram Bischoff

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Dr. Clifford Davidson

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Olavus Petri (1493-1522) is considered one of the primary figures of the Swedish Reformation during the reign of King Gustav Vasa (1523- 1560). Olavus Petri's polemical writings, dating from 1527 through 1528, are particularly significant in relation to the 1527 Recess and Ordinance of Vasteras which deprived the church of its substantial political and economic powers and privileges. The importance which the King and reformers attributed to control over and termination of the monastic and mendicant orders in Sweden is evidenced by Olavus Petri's treatise, En liten bok i vilken klosterleverne forklarat varder, printed November 13, 1528. This document, which has not been previously accessible in English, is an important source in the history of monasticism and of sixteenth-century Sweden.

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