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Master of Arts

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Dr.George Klein

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Jack C. Plano

Third Advisor

Peter Renstrom

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


After more than two decades of fundamental differences due to lack of direct diplomatic relations, the People's Republic of China and the United States are developing a harmonious working relationship. Friendly relations between these two major nations began to improve in 1972 during President Richard Nixon's visit to China that had been arranged by Henry Kissinger, Assistant for National Security Affairs.

The purpose of this thesis is to show that nations can overcome their negative stereotyped images with one another when their leaders will enter into effective communication.

Chapter I considers the historical aspects of the Sino-American relationship.

Chapter II discusses the American Foreign Policy of containing the People's Republic of China.

Chapter III examines the China policy of the Nixon Presidency.

Chapter IV examines the implementation of the changed China policy during the Ford and Carter administrations.

Chapter V analyzes the benefits of the changed China policy.