Fardin Oliaei

Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Clarence J. Goodnight

Second Advisor

Dr. William C. Vandeventer

Third Advisor

Dr. Dona F. Fowler

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


The present study was undertaken to monitor the quality of drinking water in the ghanats of Tehran during 1978-1979. Four sites were chosen, and various limnological parameters were investigated.

Physical-chemical analyses were evaluated to determine the composition of the water. There was no significant pollution related to chemical-physical parameters.

Planktonic samples were analyzed with the aid of a Sedgewich-Rafter counting cell. A total of 47 genera were found in all four ghanats.

The planktonic population declined dramatically in winter. Mean diversity and equitability of the algae showed no significant level of pollution and degradation in the study areas.

Bacterial content was analyzed with the Millipore membrane filter technique. Colony counts were made of total bacteria, total and fecal coliforms, and yeasts/molds.

The high concentration of bacteria in the ghanats exceeds the safe limit as indicated by international norms. The bacteriological pollution of ghanats has been found to originate in part from fecal sources.

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Biology Commons