Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management

First Advisor

Dr. Azim Houshyar

Second Advisor

Dr. David Meade

Third Advisor

Dr. Steven Butt

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Campus Only


The purpose of this study was to develop a model to solve a multi-commodity, multi-location, production operation problem. The resulting tool was designed for use in strategic and operational decision making by a large US-based thermoforming manufacturer which primarily serves the foodservice and consumer goods packaging markets in North America. In order to gain a better understanding of this problem and to aid in the development of a solution process, data was collected from all facilities owned by the manufacturer. The resulting optimization model included constraints that took into consideration machine capabilities, production rates, capacities, and tooling. The model was developed with the flexibility to optimize various objectives, such as maximizing system capacity. The model could also be used to investigate scenarios, such as the affect of product mix on the capacity of the production lines. Numerical findings and uses of the developed tool are presented and discussed.

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