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Master of Arts



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Masters Thesis-Campus Only


This study examined the efficacy of a rectangular side mounted stutter-flash LED beacon system to increase automobile yielding to pedestrians. Three mid-block crossing sites were selected each with four-lanes. A Fourth site included a mid-block crossing at the point where the roadway transitioned from two southbound lanes into one lane and from two northbound lanes into one lane. Data were collected following a multiple baseline ABCBC design. Baseline data were collected during the absence of the crossing aid. Following baseline, the system was evaluated by alternating between two beacons (one mounted on each side of the road) and a four beacon systems (one mounted on each side of the road and plus one facing each direction on the median island). Results showed a marked increase in motorist yielding behavior over baseline for a two-beacon system and small but important further increase with a four-beacon system. Data also show that yielding distances increased. The effectiveness of a pre-existing traditional overhead standard flashing yellow beacon was also evaluated and found to produce little effect at one of the four sites prior to installation of the rapid flash system. Night data were also recorded at one site.

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