Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Human Performance and Health Education

First Advisor

Dr. Mary L. Dawson

Second Advisor

Dr. Roger Zabik

Third Advisor

Dr. Deb Berkey

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


This study described the biomechanical differences between two styles of the place kick; the toe kick and instep kick. The biomechanical variables included joint angles, velocities, and displacements. Five high school age subjects kicked five trials of the toe kick and five trials of the instep kick at both 20 and 35 yards. The place kicks were filmed with a high speed camera, digitized and analyzed with peak 4.2 computer software.

The findings for joint angles were consistent with those found in the literature. The velocity for the kicking foot and the ball were lower in this study than found in the literature. Subjects lateral and posterior displacements were greater than the displacements found in the literature. The greater displacement did not produce more power or velocity.

It was concluded that the subjects did not have the leg strength required to kick a 35 yard field goal. The toe style kick was found to be the most effective place kick at 20 yards resulting in a higher rate of success.