Date of Award


Degree Name

Specialist in Education


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

First Advisor

Dr. Thomas F. Ryan

Second Advisor

Dr. Lawrence B. Schlack

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


The purpose of this report is to describe the role of a school building principal in the collective bargaining process and consider the affects of the collective bargaining process on the role and function of the building principal. Perspective and data were gained by participation as a building principal representative on the administrative bargaining team for the Kentwood Public Schools in their negotiations with the Kentwood Education Association during the summer of 1982. This report serves as a case study of that experience.

Collective bargaining is introduced in Chapter I which also includes a brief summary of its history in Kentwood Public Schools. The preparations necessary to begin the bargaining process are detailed in Chapter II and the actual negotiations between the Kentwood Board of Education and Kentwood Education Association are recounted in Chapter III. The role of the building principal during the negotiations process is summarized in Chapter IV and a description of the impact of the process on the role and function of the principal is provided.