Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Music



First Advisor

Edward A, Roth, M.M.

Second Advisor

David Smith, Ph. D.

Third Advisor

Sangwoo Lee, Ph. D.


Sonification, discus, movement, patterned sensory enhancement, music therapy

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Abstract Only

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The clinical neurologic music therapy intervention known as patterned sensory enhancement (PSE) has a growing clinical evidence base, but comparatively little empirical research, reductionistic in nature, that examines auditory cues beyond timing (i.e., pulse, meter, rhythm) examining the differential influences of force and spatial cues on movement.

The purpose of this study was to develop methodology for testing the efficacy of auditory cuing to enhance the learning of complex motor sequences. The discus throw was chosen as the movement pattern due to its various spatial, temporal, and dynamic variables and this study targeted participants that have no prior experience with the discus throw (n = 5). A within-subjects repeated measure design was utilized to collect data on the distance of each discus throw. There were three discus throws total for each participant; a baseline throw, a throw while listening to a PSE sound analogue, and another while listening to a rhythm-only sound analogue. Following the completion of the three discus throws, participants filled out a questionnaire about his or her experience.

There were no significant differences between the distance of discus throws between the two conditions or between self-perceived usefulness of each analogue. The use of sound analogues during the learning of the discus throw may be feasible with several adjustments.