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Master of Arts



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Masters Thesis-Campus Only


Past studies have revealed that members of white Greek social fraternities and sororities on deep-South campus are significantly more racist than independents (Muir, 1991 ). Past studies have also found that Protestant ethic value orientations were associated with anti-black attitudes and humanitarianism values were associated with pro-black attitudes (Katz & Hass, 1988). This study uses a racial attitude scale to examine the relationship between membership or no membership in a Greek organization. This study also examines the racial attitudes and their relationship to a belief in the Protestant ethic or a humanitarian-egalitarian value orientation. The researcher surveyed a total of 489 undergraduate students attending Western Michigan University on their social attitudes. Two hundred and eighty-four respondents were non-Greek members and 205 were Greek members. The results indicate that Greek members are more anti-black and non-Greek members are more pro-black. Also, the results show that individuals who expressed loyalty to the Protestant ethic are more anti-black and individuals with the humanitarian view are more pro-black.

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