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Specialist in Education


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

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Masters Thesis-Campus Only


This document provides the background and rationale for establishing a local educational foundation in the State of Michigan. Once a decision is made to implement a foundation, this guide will provide direction (and examples) for developing goals and mission statements. The guide also provides information for preparing the necessary organizational documents such as the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Tax Exempt Status, Employer Identification Number, and licensing permits. Also, year-end documents that need to be filed such as Internal Revenue forms and Michigan Annual Reports are included.

Guidelines are provided for the general operations of the foundation. Ideas are provided for selecting appropriate leadership, planning the organizational meeting, and raising funds. An extensive list of project ideas that could be carried out by the new foundation is included.



Dirk A. Schuiteboer completed all the requirements for a Specialist in Education in Educational Leadership except final approval of his Specialist Project. Mr.

Schuiteroer died in an automobile accident in January 1992 and was unable to

provide the final copy.

The enclosed copy is an uncorrected draft of the project. Due to the importance of the content, it is deposited in the University Libraries, Western Michigan

University. Users should recognize the fact that it is not a "clean," properly formatted copy, but its content was accepted by the departmental committee.

Laurel Grotzinger

Dean, The Graduate College

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