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Master of Arts

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Dr. John E. Sommerfeldt

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Last paragraph of Introduction:

The purpose of this paper is to acquire a better understanding of the relationship between grace and tree will, that is, the paradox between the omnipotence of God and human free will. More specifically speaking, this paper will deal with two historical approaches to the problem, namely, Baneziem and Molinism. At the onset we shall learn something about Domingo Banez, O.P. and Luis de Molina, S.J. who were largely responsible for the systems which bear their names. We shall then learn something or the historical circumstances which produced Banezism and Molinism and also some or the reasons for the controversy between the two systems. Then we shall look at some or the history itself. But more importantly we shall examine both systems and seek to understand and criticize them as well as we can according to their respective merits and demerits. Finally, we shall attempt to see how two saints of sixteenth century Spain, Saint Ignatius or Loyola and Saint Theresa or Avila, understood the problem of grace and free will by comparing and analyzing their own writings as well as biographical works.