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Master of Arts



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Dr. Jerome G. Manis

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Dr. Milton J. Brawer

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


First three paragraphs:

To what extent do different types of religious behavior vary with different levels of inner- and other-direction?

Religious behavior is multi-dimensional in nature, with several qualitatively distinct dimensions. Hypothesized relations between different dimensions of religious behavior and inner/other-direction, together with the assumed shift from inner-direction to other-direction, have been formulated to explain the now familiar, but nevertheless controversial, religious revival in American society. This revival is controversial in the sense that it extends only to certain types, or dimensions, of religious behavior. There have been increases in church membership, identification, and ritual observance, but not in other types of religiosity, such as doctrinal orthodoxy or others calling for a deeper personal commitment.

The theory that explains this limited revival generally holds that church membership and observance are types of religious behavior that are consonant with other-directed values, but that other dimensions are contradictory to them. With increases in other-direction, therefore, there would be higher levels of religiosity for the former dimensions, but no increases for the latter.

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