Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Bade Shrestha

Second Advisor

Dr. Christopher Cho

Third Advisor

Dr. Claudia Fajardo-Hansford

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Campus Only


Computer simulations were performed using KIVA-4 code to determine performance of a spark ignited engine fueled by methane diluted with carbon dioxide to approximate landfill gas as a fuel. Engine performance was simulated for various operating conditions including compression ratio, equivalence ratio, spark timing, and fuel composition. It was found that increasing the compression ratio with increasing carbon dioxide content in the fuel increases efficiency above that for pure methane fuel.

Constant-volume combustion duration was also simulated for operating conditions at various initial temperatures, initial pressures, cylinder diameters, fuel compositions, and equivalence ratios. A relationship is found between combustion duration for methane fuel and combustion duration for methane diluted with any percentage of carbon dioxide at each operating condition. The relationship is extended and a set of equations presented which can be used to predict combustion duration changes for varying fuel composition.

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