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Master of Arts


Political Science

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Utilizing the historical development of relations between Czechs and Slovaks for a century and more, the following thesis contends that Czechoslovakia has exhibited a propensity for dissolution and the lack of a sound basis for stable order.

Socio-political, economic and ethno-cultural variables have traditionally characterized Czechoslovak society as highly bifurcated, and with negative implications for a stable political union, especially within the post-revolutionary period.

This thesis argues that the division of Czechoslovakia need not be lamented. Rather, division may be viewed less negatively than other examples of modern state devolution in post-revolutionary Europe. Indeed, the division of Czechoslovakia has positive implications for stability, especially when viewed in light of the historical relations between Czechs and Slovaks, the peaceful process by which dissolution occurred, and countervailing trends in inter-state cooperation and supranational development throughout the continent.