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This paper shall describe and analyze United States' policy towards Korea from 1834, when American attention was first attracted to that country because of possible trade opportunities, to 1954, which saw the completion of the Geneva Conference on Korea. Throughout this period American policy was neither static, nor was it ever well defined. During this span of one hundred and twenty years American policy in Korea falls logically into two main periods:

i) the initial period from 1834 to 1943 during which time America's primary concern was the establishment and maintenance of the "Open Door" policy;

and ii) the second period from 1943 to 1954 when the American Government attempted to establish an independent Korea, --this latter period may be subdivided into three phases:

(a) the period of military occupation which was intended to establish a trusteeship over Korea, 1943-1947;

(b) the emergence of two Koreas, 1948-1950; and (c) the Korean War and post-war diplomacy, 1950-1954.

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