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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Morton Wagenfeld

Second Advisor

David Chaplin

Third Advisor

Lewis Walker

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


This is a study of the utilization of community mental health services by the Chicano population in a Western Michigan community. As members of the second largest ethnic minority group in the United States, the Chicanos are faced with many of the same social ills that plague other minorities. Discrimination, benign neglect, oppression, exclusion by institutions, poverty, high crime rate, alcoholism, physical and emotional disorder, and social disorganization are part of the everyday world of the Chicano. The inherent cultural vehicles, which Chicano culture uses in order to deal with the stresses associated with these social pathologies, will be explored. The awareness of the services offered by the local community mental health agency and the actual utilization of those services will be examined across a continuum of assimilation and social stratification of the Chicano in the Holland, Michigan community.

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Sociology Commons