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Master of Arts



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Dr. David Lemberg

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Dr. Rolland Fraser

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Dr. James Biles

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Lakeshore development can have adverse affects on inland lakes. Effective planning and control is necessary to help communities and lakes stay healthy in the future. This paper provides planning for five lakes in Kalamazoo County, Michigan through the examination of lakeshore residents' perceptions of lake issues and the zoning ordinances of their local jurisdictions. Shoreline residents and jurisdictions around Austin, Gull, Long, West, and Woods Lakes are targeted in the survey and ordinance reviews. Evaluation of the survey through various statistical tests provides insight on residents' views of their rationale for living on the lakes, identification of lakeshore problems, and the possible acceptance of enhanced lakeshore regulations and education.

Zoning results indicate that the lakeshore regulations need enhancement, though some jurisdictions fare better than others. Basic survey results show that lakeshore residents have several reasons for living on the lakes, identify a variety of lakeshore problems, and are mildly willing to accept stricter regulations and lakeshore education to address the lake problems. Better shoreline management practices are needed around the five lakes of the study in Kalamazoo County.

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