Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Civil and Construction Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Jawahar Nesan

Second Advisor

Dr. Osama Abudayyeh

Third Advisor

Dr. A. Jayatissa

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


The traditional method of tearing down building when its life cycle is completed is known as demolition, which means destroying most of the structures and burying it in the landfills. This is the most common practice in most countries, but in recent years there is a new movement toward using the components of these buildings. Burying usable or recyclable materials in landfills means more pollution and increasing the need for more landfills. The concept of reusing or recycling building materials is known as Deconstruction. This practice is relatively new in the construction industry and requires more research and studies to supersede the practice of demolition. This study will address many factors related to deconstruction such as: environmental, economical and social benefits, building codes and regulations, safety, challenges facing deconstruction, and others. This thesis will develop guidelines to promote effective deconstruction. These guidelines have been validated through personal communication with four deconstruction experts, focusing on how to set general rules and procedures to reuse or recycle building materials in historic buildings rather than demolishing them. The intention in producing these guidelines is to assist the deconstruction industry in overcoming the time and cost barriers inherent in the deconstruction process.