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Master of Arts



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Dr. F. Stanley Moore

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



The objective of this research has been to present a picture of the revolutionary agricultural changes that have been taking place for the last few years in the East African country of Kenya. Kenya is an agricultural country; its economy is dependent almost entirely on agricultural production. In the words of Jomo Kenyatta, Prime Minister of Kenya, "To achieve the growth essential for increased welfare, the country will continue to rely on agriculture, which employs most of our people and provides almost all of our exports."

The progress is agriculture is helping to transform Kenya from a primitive tribal subsistence society to a responsible nation with economic viability.

In the author's opinion, Kenya is a remarkable nation that can serve as a model for other emerging countries. It is true that Kenya does have a favorable econlogy, but this is not the complete answer. Credit must be given to the British, whatever their motives, whose skill and technology left Kenya much more productive than when they arrived sixty years ago. Recognition must also be given to Jomo Kenyatta, who, though much maligned in this country, has proved to be a skillful, competent administrator. Recognition also is due the agricultural officers, both British and African, who ply their trade the length and breadth of Kenya. The people themselves are deserving of mention; the spirit of harambee (let us work together) is helping them to put aside tribal loyalties and traditions in their quest for greater agricultural productivity.

The organization of this report may not always appear consistent; this is not by accident but by design. It was not always possible to follow a set pattern, especially in the discussion of the land settlement schemes, because the same type of material was not always available to the author. However, it should be noted that there is a rationale behind the method of presentation. Whenever, in the discussion of a particular scheme, a crop (or activity) important throughout the country is considered, a brief discussion of its significance within the country is introduced in order to facilitate a proper perspective.

With this word of explanation, let us see what the land of uhuru has accomplished in agriculture with the spirit of harambee.