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Master of Business Administration

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



This study is prepared to establish a method of evaluating supervisory training. An attempt to evaluate the following hypotheses will be considered: (1) There is a method of selecting the basic performance areas of a first line supervisor. (2) There are acceptable standards of performance in the basic area. (3) Performance appraisals prior to the introduction of training will determine sub-standard performance in the selected areas. (4) Follow-up performance appraisals will indicate the effectiveness of training in improving performance without undue contamination of the criteria by other influences.

During the study other areas of investigation to be examined are: (1) Defining the supervisor's job and training. (2) Theoretical aspects of training. (3) A survey of evaluative methods. (4) A method of performance appraisal. (5) Training to improve performance.

The procedures followed are: (1) Establishing basic supervisory areas of responsibility from general analysis and descriptions of the supervisory position. (2) Creating standards of performance in areas of responsibility. (3) Developing a method of evaluating performance. (4) Evaluating training as it affects performance. These will be accomplished by conferences with Personnel Administrators, supervisory personnel, and research in the theoretical aspects of evaluation.

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