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Master of Business Administration



First Advisor

Dr. Gene S. Booker

Second Advisor

Dr. Fred V. Hartenstein

Third Advisor

Dr. Cornelius Loew

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



America has attained a stature in economic life that is unique in modern times in the congregation of the nation of the world.

Undoubtedly American business enterprise, with its titans of industry, has been highly responsible in building up the stature of the United States of America.

But on the horizon of the American business world in recent years there has been gerenewed search for proper goals, values, objectives, and philosophies. The result of this renewed examination of values is the development of an American Business Apologetic. The critical issue before the American business world is "business-is-business--or is it?" and this issue looms large now as never before. It is facets of this development of an apologetic from the viewpoint of two contemporary schools of thought -- one led by F. H. Knight and the libertarians and the other led by Benjamin Selekman and the moralists.

The proposed method of approach to the problem of an apologetic is through an analytic evaluation of the literature of the influential leaders of the two schools of thought.

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Economics Commons