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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Frank A. Fatzinger

Second Advisor

Dr. Stanley Kuffel

Third Advisor

Dr. Eston Asher

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


Present-day management is aware of the high work-output characteristic of some “rugged individualists" who have "anti- union" sentiments. Studies concerning individuals classified as "ratebusters” have been made by Dalton (4) and by Roethlisberger and Dickson (5). The higher production efficiency of the “ratebuster" is discussed along with the increased personnel problems related to these workers. Because of anti-union sentiments, the “ratebuster” can have a disruptive effect on the labor force as a whole.

The worker with strong pro- union sentiments has received very little attention in the literature. It is probable that present-day management classifies this worker as an undesirable employee. The main reason or rationalization used to justify this classification is that the pro- union man is believed to be opposed to high production. This man is also considered to be more interested in the welfare of the union than of the company which employs him. Consequently, there may be management acceptance of a policy which encourages the search for workers with relatively neutral sentiments toward unions.

This research is concerned with whether or not a relationship exists between work efficiency and the attitude of the worker toward unions. A search of the literature failed to uncover any studies which had explored this problem.