Date of Award


Degree Name

Specialist in Education


Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

First Advisor

Dr. Kenneth B. Engle

Second Advisor

Dr. Gilbert Mazer

Third Advisor

Dr. Lewis Walker

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


The Problem


The importance of work to an individual in society is documented by a number of authorities who stress the idea that the average male adult spends more time in his occupation than in any other activity. Before an individual becomes involved in the world of work, he must make decisions regarding the occupation he expects to follow. This type of decision-making has been defined as "... a process which takes place over a period of time and which is best explained by a combination of determinants which themselves interact, are modified and developed with time." (Super, 1957).

Parental influence upon vocational decision-making has been recognized as a significant factor in the choice of one's career or profession (Williamson and Darley, 937; Korner, 1940; Ginzburg et al., 1951). To date, the extent of this influence is not clearly defined (Super, 1942, Ginzburg et al., 1951). Some authorities consider parental influences a determining factor (Friend and Haggard, 1948; Stewart, 1952), which others think they are not pertinent (Super, 1957; Hoppock, 1935; Holland, 1959; Blau et al., 1956).