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Master of Business Administration


Business Administration

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Dr. Arnold E. Schneider

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



Basis for Business Aircraft

The use of airplanes as a production tool for executives and supervisory personnel by business firms in practically all fields of endeavor is ever increasing. This is true even though the airlines have largely substituted pure jet aircraft for piston powered airplanes and turbo-propelled ships on the trunk routes. This makes it more difficult for the business aircraft to save the executives of a company time and money by cutting down transportation waste in obtaining more hours of usefulness from those persons using business aircraft transportation and less expense for employee's hotel, meals and other travel costs.

Airline jets are largely offset by the fact that many airports are not served by airlines at all. When small airports are served by feeder airlines, the schedules are often not convenient. The feeder carriers fly in zigzag patterns, making many stops, rather than flying a direct route. A number of businesses are also purchasing their own jet aircraft which are equally as fast as the jet airliners.