Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Business Administration

First Advisor

Dr. F. V. Hartenstein

Second Advisor

Dr. G. S. Booker

Third Advisor

Dr. A. E. Schneider

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access



Management needs to know how it is doing in the field of personnel management, just as it does in the area of financial management. In order to determine this, an evaluation of the personnel program is necessary. When completed, such an evaluation provides management with the information necessary to effectively plan and budget the personnel program.

The personnel audit audit has been used as a means of evaluating the personnel program. The audit can cover all of the various aspects of the personnel program or it can be restricted to only one of the personnel functions. In the past audits have been performed by various groups inside or outside of the firm. In addition several approaches have been used in conducting the audit.

This paper could be considered in two parts. The first part consists of a general review of the personnel audit and a detailed discussion of labor turnover as a factor in personnel evaluation. The measurement, cost, comparison, and analysis of turnover are included in this discussion.

The second part of the paper consists of the study of labor turnover in the Kalamazoo Division of Consumers Power Company. This study is undertaken with the purpose of evaluating personnel activities in the Division. As a whole the paper is a review and application of labor turnover as a factor in personnel evaluation.