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Master of Arts



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Dr. Douglas Davidson

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Dr. Lewis Walker

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


The purpose of this study was to examine the social isolation of black girls as compared to the social isolation experienced by black boys, white girls and white boys. One fifth grade classroom was chosen as the population of interest. There were twenty seven students in the classroom. Of those there are: six black females, nine white females, five black males and seven white males. Two methods were employed to collect and analyze the data for this investigation. The first method was sociometric surveys which were used to measure social isolation among those being studied. The second method utilized was nonparticipant observations which were used to assess the validity of the sociometric data.

Social isolation as measured sociometrically and behaviorally indicates the following: none of the six black females was identified as socially isolates; none of five black males was socially isolated; two of the nine white females were socially isolated; two of the seven white males were identified as social isolates.

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Sociology Commons