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Master of Arts


Political Science

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Dr. William A. Ritchie

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



The quotations above are representative of the three prominent problems entertained by the theories of mass society; that is, freedom in the polity, freedom in the community, and inner directiveness, or freedom with one's own self. This series of problems involves the totality of existence.

Traditional philosophic speculation, the realm of the totality, demands an examination of man's concept of what he is, and what he is not, of what he sees, and that which he does not see. For the prescription "Know thyself" is not only a panegyric for introspective soul seeking; rather, it is an encomium on searching for what one does not know or immediately perceive. We cannot be concerned in this thesis purely with the theories and critics of mass society in themselves. It is through the manifest process of examining the debate between the different schools and conception of contemporary society that we shall try to come across the latent germ of a new idea, or a unique way of looking at things.