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Masters Thesis-Open Access


This thesis sets out to further reveal the technology and time interrelationship in human society. It is through an investigation of an array of sociological, theoretical, philosophical, historical and artistic responses to modernity that this relationship is explored. Primary analytic focus is placed on two contemporary authors who have addressed the technology and time relationship. These authors are Manuel Castells and Paul Virilio. Castells and Virilio offer two distinct portraits of the modem-technological world. By contrasting these authors' projects, methods and intellectual heritage, the question of technology and time is further scrutinized. Advanced here is an argument that time is an essential dimension of social life deserving of greater attention within sociology and related fields. Correspondingly, the role of technology in relation to human understanding of time cannot be ignored. Additionally, it is held that in order to sufficiently address technology and time as social phenomena, a step beyond timeless causal analysis need be made. It is argued that sociology might be served rather than delegitimated by the incorporation of a world-historical outlook and a consideration of metaphysics, human being, will and destiny.

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