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Master of Arts



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Dr. Larry J. Simon

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Dr. Lucian Rosu

Third Advisor

Dr. Robert Felkel

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


The history of Iberia, unlike her European counterparts, was formed through the interaction of Christians, Jews and Mouslims. Thirteenth-century life, influenced by the Reconquest and friction between these groups, adapted to the turbulent nature of Castilian frontier society. With each military contest, Castilian society evolved to meet the demand placed upon her strained resources and citizenry. Women played a paramount role in this process. Through the use of legal codes as historical sources, the roles, rights and responsibilities of women can be established and assessed. This provides historians with an opportunity to view this period of time and the social standing of women, their roles as wives, mothers and daughters, heads of households, and, in some cases, property and business owners. This thesis combines an analysis of the third book of the Fuero Real, promulgated under the auspices of the monarch Alfonso X el Sabio (1252-1284), and a new translation of relevant passages in the aforementioned book as they pertain to women's lives.

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