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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Benjamin Ofori-Amoah

Second Advisor

Dr. David Lemberg

Third Advisor

Dr. Lucius F. Hallett IV

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


An increasing problem in rapidly growing cities of developing countries is lack of a functional and standardized address system to support management of resources and provision of necessary facilities and services. In Accra, Ghana, previous attempts to develop an address system have been fragmented in nature and largely unsuccessful. This paper examines the reasons why previous attempts have failed and how a physical address system can be successfully implemented within the Ghanaian context. Based on interviews with a City Planner and a sample of residents of Accra, the paper identifies political, administrative, technical and socio-cultural challenges as major gaps which need to be bridged in order for an effective physical address system to be established. Furthermore, weaknesses in the local government system in Ghana present a major structural and institutional hurdle which hinders the successful implementation of projects of this nature and scale. Therefore, in order for a street and property address system to be successfully established, there first needs to be a reorganization of the district planning machinery before specific strategies directly related to street addressing can be applied.

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Geography Commons