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In 1958 the Food Additives Amendment to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act was adopted causing a great deal of concern on the part of producers of packaging material. Any ingredient of the package that might migrate or transfer to food contained in the package became, by definition, a food additive subject to regulation and prior approval of the Food and Drug Administration.

Other acts and regulations have been adopted since 1958 indicative of increasing concern by the Federal Government for consumer welfare. This activity can be expected to have far reaching effects on manufacturers who must depart from some of the traditional ingredients used in their products and in the marking or labeling of their products.

Since 1958, there have been several industry committees in the paper and paperboard industry which have done tremendous amounts of work in evaluating and chemicals used in their industries, meeting with Food and Drug officials and otherwise attempting to reach an understanding as to the effect of these new laws and to insure compliance by the members of their industries.

This paper is a survey of the basic legal problems in this field for those concerned with food packaging material made from paper and paperboard.