Date of Award


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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. John A. Tanis

Second Advisor

Dr. Dean Halderson

Third Advisor

Peter Zavodszky

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


Measurements of L-shell resonant electron transfer and excitation (RTE) were conducted for 45-72 MeV Cu18-19+ (Na-like and Ne-like, respectively) ions colliding with H2 using the Western Michigan University EN tandem Van de Graaff accelerator. The RTE process involves an electron-electron interaction between the projectile and the target where electron capture occurs simultaneously with projectile excitation. In previous measurements involving RTE with subsequent L x-ray relaxation for Nbq+ (q=28-31) ions, the magnitudes of the RTE cross sections were found to be nearly a factor of two smaller than theory. In the analogous electron-ion process of dielectronic recombination, measurements for Fe15+ ions (Na-like) were also found to be a factor of two smaller than theoretical predictions. In order to investigate L-shell RTE (and DR) more completely, as well as try to understand the origin of these discrepancies with theory, measurements were made from Cu18-19+ + H2. These ions represent the same isoelectronic sequences as the ones investigated in the previous measurements. The present L-shell RTE measurements for Cu18+ + H2 are about 60% larger than theoretical calculations, but in agreement with a theoretically predicted maximum energy value (~60 MeV).

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Physics Commons