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Master of Arts



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Masters Thesis-Open Access



This paper describes an investigation intended to: 1. observe the effect of electrolyte concentration on the stability of kaolin-water systems, 2. evaluate the relative sediment volume measurement as a tool for determining the stability of such systems, 3. assess the applicability of the Verwey-Overbeek theory of stability of lyophobic colloids for predicting the observed effects, and 4. determine if any correlation exists between the effects predicted by the theory and observed through the relative sediment volume measurement.

The relative sediment volume measurement will be shown to be dependent upon the efficiency of packing of the pigment particles, which in turn is dependent on the degree of flocculation or agglomeration of the pigment particles. Because of the relationship between relative sediment volume and degree of agglomeration, the measurement of relative sediment volume has been adopted by many workers in the area of pigment research as a valid measurement of the quality of dispersion. This paper discusses the validity of such measurements when the degree of flocculation is changed by the addition of electrolytes.

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