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Master of Arts



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Dr. Donald C. Berndt

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Dr. Lillian Meyer

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Dr. Paul Holkeboer

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



The term "fatty acids" was first applied principally to saturated, monobasic carboxylic acids and especially to long chain acids derived from animal and vegetable oils. As time passed and the knowledge of natural fats increased, polyunsaturated, hydroxy, keto and branched chain acids were also found as constituents of these fats and oils and these also came under the heading of fatty acids. Even acids containing alicyclic substituents were found.

More recently the term 11 fatty acid" has been applied to include saturated and unsaturated monobasic carboxylic acids and several other series of substituted acids having carbon skeletons similar to the normal saturated series.

Many different saturated and unsaturated fatty acids have been discovered as components of natural fats and oils, but this list is small compared to the list of those made in the laboratory by synthesis or from non-fat natural sources (waxes, fruit essences, fossiliferrous material).

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