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Master of Arts



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Dr. Paul E. Holkeboer

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Lillian H. Meyer

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Alfred Nagler

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



This research problem was done in connection with the fluoride balance studies on twelve children at Plymouth State Home. The retention balance studies of fluoride by children can be studied indirectly by measuring the amounts of fluoride excreted in the urine and feces after administration of the fluoride in water or in vitamins as sodium fluoride. The fluoride balance study was repeated, because in the previous study (19), there were no samples collected for a base day in which the fluoride was not given. The previous data also indicated that fluoride retention was merely a function of the interval of administration regardless of how the fluoride was administered.

The administration of fluoride and collection of samples was done at Plymouth State Home. Fluoride was administered to two groups of six children, each two to three years old. The children in group A were given 4.0 mg. of fluoride as sodium fluoride (8.8 mg.) in eight ounces of water and ingested by each child over a period of twelve hours or more on the first fluoride day. The children in group B were given 4.0 mg. fluoride as sodium fluoride (8.8 mg.) in vitamins and each child ingested the total amount at the beginning of the first fluoride day.

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Chemistry Commons