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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Robert Nagler

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Lillian H. Meyer

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



At the request of Dr. Frederick Margolis, M.D., and in association with The Upjohn Company, this research problem was initiated as a participation in the investigation of whether or not fluoride ingested as a constituent of the Upjohn 47-M liquid vitamin preparation is retained in an infant's body to the same extent as is fluoride ingested as the sodium salt by itself--either in solution or in tablet form. The retention patterns may be studied indirectly by measuring the amounts of fluoride excreted in the urine and in the feces during each of a series of equal time intervals after administration of the various fluoride preparations.

Because of experience in these laboratories it was decided to attempt to use the method of fluoride analysis developed by Megregian (44). His procedure basically involves the determination of fluoride spectrophotometrically by reduction of the degree of complex formation between eriochrome cyanine R and zirconium by preferential complexing of the latter with fluoride. To accomplish the objectives of this study it was necessary to exhaustively examine various aspects of the Megregian method.

In order to link this thesis project to the total clinical investigation, there is presented herein a brief history of the samples prior to their receipt for analysis in these laboratories. Also reported is our treatment of the samples prior to application of the Megregian method.

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Chemistry Commons