Date of Award


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Master of Science


Geological and Environmental Sciences



First Advisor

Dr. W. Thomas Straw

Second Advisor

Dr. Alan Kehew

Third Advisor

Dr. Duane Hampton

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


The Wymer site is an archeological site on the St. Joseph River floodplain 1.5 miles north of Berrien Springs, Michigan. Early and Middle Archaic cultural phases were found at the site. These sites are unusual in that their occurrence corresponds to low lake levels associated with Lake Chippewa and were assumed to occupy the now submerged shoreline areas.

A site evaluation was undertaken to examine the types of sediments and depositional structures. Trenches, grainsize analysis, 14C samples and valley topography were used to determine that the site was a point bar situated on a terrace above the modern floodplain. The site was probably associated with headward erosion during lower base level. Comparison of data to lake level changes over the last 14,000 years yielded an early Chippewa regression time for point-bar deposition and headward erosion. Dated samples indicated a subsequent period of aggradation that preceded the Nipissing high stand by 1900 years.

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Geology Commons