Design and Testing of a Smart High Power Smart DC-DC Converter

Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Janos L. Grantner

Second Advisor

Dr. Johnson Asumadu

Third Advisor

Dr. Claudia M. Fajardo

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Xiaosong Kang

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Abstract Only


The battery pack of hybrid-electric vehicles meant to drive the electric motor has sufficient capability to drive additional loads. The typical DC-DC converters used for this application operate like a black box. Without a suitable interface to the external world, this mode of operation poses a major threat of frequent failures for unknown reasons.

This document describes a solution to this challenge. Sensors will be integrated into a high-power DC-DC converter; a high power microcontroller will be used to acquire sensor data that is sampled in real time. The microcontroller will also incorporate necessary software algorithms to analyze sensor data and notify external devices or users about the internal status of the DC-DC converter.

A high power DC-DC converter was designed and developed suitable for catering the power requirement of Hybrid vehicle system, the converter system has sensors that acquire converter system’s critical data. A microcontroller circuit was implemented to analyze and process the data acquired through these sensors and communicate the parameters over the vehicle network.


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