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Master of Arts


Biological Sciences

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Dr. Leo C. Vander Beek

Second Advisor

Dr. Beth Schultz

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Section I


Results of recent research indicate the probable existence of plant-produced chemical substances which affect the behavior of other plants. Germination-inhibiting, and growth-inhibiting substances have been found to be widely distributed throughout the Plant Kingdom (Garb, 1960). Although the presence of inhibitors has been demonstrated in laboratory experiments, their ecological significance has not been clearly defined.

A preliminary study by the writer indicated the probability of autotoxicity in Daucus carota L., a biennial common to fields and roadsides in the northeastern United States. This study suggested the following investigation which was undertaken to determine more specifically the effects of extracts from various parts of Daucus plans on the growth of Daucus itself as well as on that of other species.

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