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Master of Arts


Biological Sciences

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Merrill R. Wiseman

Second Advisor

Dr. William C. Van Deventer

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Dr. Leo C. Vander Beek

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



Thirty years ago, endocrinology was a laboratory curiosity appreciated by few veterinarians. In those rare instances when the new science escaped from the laboratory and reached the clinic, the endocrine preparations used were extremely crude and often ineffective. In the growth of endocrinology as a science, availability of pure crystalline hormones has played an essential role, and to chemical synthesis must be credited the preparations which make specific endocrine therapy possible today.

In the last two decades endocrinology has come into its own in veterinary medicine, especially in regard to sex endocrinology. But only in the last ten years has particular attention been paid the hormone of the corpus luteum and its synthetic derivatives, which have countless implications in animal production and reproduction. Hydroxyprogesterone acetate is one of these derivatives.

It is the purpose of the author to examine hydroxyprogesterone acetate as an estrual-delaying agent in bitches. Because it is the first oral agent to be evaluated for this use, the drug deserves this attention.

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