Date of Award


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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Eston J. Asher

Second Advisor

Dr. Frank Fatzinger

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



The term figural after-effect refers to the spatial displacement of a visual figure induced by the inspection of a prior figure. In the figural after-effect paradigm, an observer fixates on a figure called the inspection figure for some time. Fixation is then shifted to a test figure. Any spatial displacement in the test (second) figure is termed the figural after-effect. Generally, maximal figural after-effects are attained with 60 second inspection followed immediately by short test figure exposure (Hammer, 1949; Graham, 1951; Krauskopf, 1954; Parducci and Brookshire, 1956; Sagara and Oyama, 1957; and Kohler and Wallach, 1944). This study is an attempt to determine the nature of the figural after-effect induced by the inverted-"T"-figure under conditions of maximal displacement.

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Psychology Commons