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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Malcolm H. Robertson

Second Advisor

Dr. Chris Koronakos

Third Advisor

Dr. Neil Kent

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Growth inhibition As frequently noted in the chronically ill child. Causes of such growth rate decrements appear multiple and include both internal and environmental factors. The present study analyzed growth of rats by manipulation of glucocorticoid treatment, housing conditions and sex of subject in a search for potential interactions. Specifically, body weights were assessed daily in post-weanling male and female Spraque-Dawley rats which received 16 daily I.P. injections of prednisolone acetate (0.0, 2.0, or 4.0 mg/kg) under either individual or group-housed (6/cage) conditions. Effects of dose and of sex were found, while a main effect of housing was lacking. Interactions of dose X housing, as well as dose X sex, were demonstrated. Results are discussed in terms of alterations in protein synthesis, bone growth, and growth hormone as influenced by glucocorticoids. Also discussed are stress and housing effects on growth, as well as possible mechanisms for the noted sex X housing X dose interaction.

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Psychology Commons