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Master of Arts



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Dr. Lewis Walker

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Dr. Herbert L. Smith

Third Advisor

Dr. Douma

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Two research questions guided the present study: (1) Are there physicians' traits that influence their willingness to treat HIV positive patients? (2) Are there patients' traits that influence physicians' willingness to treat HIV positive patients? A total of 12 independent variables were selected for this study, five of which were related to the following physicians' traits: age, religion, geography, OSHA training, and the method of health insurance compensation. The other seven related to patients' traits such as race, ethnic background, and the manner in which patients contracted the disease. Three modes of transmission selected for study reflected on patient behaviors whereby patients knew of the high risk involved before performing acts of homosexual or criminal (prostitution or intravenous drug use) behaviors. The other two modes were rape or blood transfusions in which patients were victims.

Seventy-nine (79) physicians from southwestern, southeastern and western Michigan were surveyed about their willingness to treat HIV positive patients. Data from these surveys were used to analyze the previously stated research questions. In tum, a Chi-square analysis was used to answer these research questions.

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Sociology Commons