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Master of Arts



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Dr. Maria Cristina Fava

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Dr. Michael Duffy

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Dr. Lori Sims


C. Curtis Smith, bio-bibliography, composition, biography

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Curtis Otto Bismarck Curtis-Smith, composer and pianist, spent the majority of his career serving the community at Western Michigan University. His development of the bowed piano technique contributed significantly to the course of music in the late twentieth century; his prolific compositions stand on their own artistic merit. This document attempts to provide a summation of the composer’s life, particularly in regard to his compositional activity. The first section, a biography, discusses Curtis-Smith’s life and the changes to his compositional style over his lifetime. Next, a catalog of works details the available information about the many pieces written by the composer. Finally, an annotated bibliography examines the literature surrounding the composer and his work during his lifetime and shortly after.

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Music Commons