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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Pamela Stone

Second Advisor

Dr. Laura Spielvogel

Third Advisor

Dr. Gwen Raaberg

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Osteoporosis has become one of the leading health problems for postmenopausal women in the United States, however, it has been shown that preadolescent and adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa are at an unusually high risk for early on-set osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Bone density testing has already proving itself as an accurate form of detection in post-menopausal women and the elderly and is widely used at medical institutions, clinics, and pharmacies throughout the United States as an inexpensive, non-invasive, and accurate technique for detecting low bone mass.

This research aims to examine anorexia nervosa and its long-term effects on the health of bones for females. Focus will be on anorexia nervosa and the resulting stressors on the body that lead to osteoporosis and a means of early detection through annual physical exams that include bone density testing will be presented as a tool for early diagnosis of both anorexia nervosa and osteoporosis.

In order to fully understand the short and long-term consequences that anorexia nervosa has on bone density this research shows how bone density testing is imperative and that requirements and methods should be put into action beginning at early ages, during annual physical examinations.

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Anthropology Commons