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Master of Arts



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Dr. Frank A. Fatzinger

Second Advisor

Dr. Stanley Kuffel

Third Advisor

Dr. E. J. Asher

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



From the time that hospitals were established to care for the mentally ill, a shortage of professional personnel has existed. To a limited extent this shortage has been partially alleviated by the use of non-professional psychiatric help (attendants, aides, nursing assistants, technicians) with varying amounts of training and responsibilities. For over fifty years a continuous effect has been made to improve the quality and quantity of care given to the mental patients in both private and public mental hospitals (Robinson, 1964). Following World War II, increased emphasis has been placed on the training and status of the attendant engaged in the care of the mentally ill (A Project In Pre-Service Psychiatric Aide Education, 1960). A limited number of lectures in descriptive psychiatry were considered adequate for the professional nurse two decades ago (Hall, Gangemi, Norris, Vail, & Sawatsky, 1952). Today specialty programs at the Master's degree level are available, and Doctoral programs are being developed specifically for professional nurses caring for mental patients (National League for Nursing, 1965).

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Psychiatry Commons