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Chapter I


The problem of alcoholism is one of the oldest problems in the history of mankind. Today it ranks world-wide as a major public health problem. Yet, constructive study and research on the subject did not gain much momentum until about 1935.

With the organization of Alcoholism Anonymous in 1935, the awareness of the problem spread, fanwise, throughout the fields of religion, medicine, and psychiatry. Alcohol had once presented a baffling and seemingly unanswerable enigma. But now there was a glimmering of hope in each of these separate fields that the answers might lie within its own particular realm.

The National Committee for Education on Alcoholism was founded in 1944, by Marty Mann. This organization, now known as the National Committee on Alcoholism, has done much to further educational work and to influence public thinking in regard to the illness of alcoholism. In a report made in 1958, by Marty Mann to the National Health Forum, it was noted that at least twenty million or more people in this country alone were suffering, directly or indirectly, from the effects of alcoholism.1

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