Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management


Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. John R. Lindbeck

Second Advisor

Dr. Charles G. Risher

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


Chapter I.

Background of the Study


Design is a comprehensive term involving a multitude of areas and activities. Its meaning has varied according to individual tastes and philosophies; however, regardless of the terminology involved, it has always been associated with the planning for an object or a product.

Throughout history the emphasis on design has varied, but its basic framework has been present in all cultures. From the crude but honest designs of primitive man, through the Golden Age of Greece, by means of the Roman Empire, via the Renaissance, and throughout the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, design served as an important factor in the development of man and society. However, it became of even greater significance about "a century ago when creative and perceptive people reacted to the vast problems posed by technological change and mass production."1 This technological explosion not only enabled modern design to develop, but it also brought about many alternations in society.