Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Christopher Scott Smith

Second Advisor

Dr. Benjamin Ofori-Amoah

Third Advisor

Dr. Alhassan Gariba Abdul-Muhmin


Credit, card, system, Ghana

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


Credit card systems offer economic advantages to many families and individuals across the globe. In economically developed countries and most emerging ones, the credit card system helps individuals, businesses, and even government agencies, speed up business transactions and access to short term loans. However in developing countries such as Ghana this is not the case. The result is that many people find it very difficult to buy goods and services without having cash at hand. Moreover a vast majority of people have to carry bags of money to travel across cities, towns and villages in the country to trade and this result in frequent robberies on highways and even within cities. This project investigates why this is the case and how a widespread use of credit card system might be implemented. Specifically, this study examines advantages and disadvantages of the credit card system, the awareness of credit cards among Ghanaian consumers, the perception of credit cards among Ghanaian consumers and professional bankers, the obstacles to the implementation of credit cards in Ghana, and what needs to be done to implement such a system and make recommendations for implementation.